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Perhaps I should explain a little bit about who I am and what I am doing. I have always loved tattoos. When I look at them I see symbols of communication and stories. As a writer and a curious person, I am fascinated by them. The first part of this project is about interviewing people who have tattoos and interviewing people who are tattoo artists.  The second part of this project is about my personal journey as I explore the Ink sub-culture and community. This includes video/book reviews, festivals, my photo collection of random tattoos, and whatever else I feel like posting. 

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If anyone here was following my @Tattoo.TPS  Twitter account, for some reason my following & followers was wiped.  Would like to connect again!

We are all born with a blank canvas on which to illustrate the events of our lives. Each picture, each symbol, each word, tells a story that emerges from deep within us. It is a balance of vulnerability and strength and of artistic creation blended with nostalgia. The ink becomes a road map of our lives.

~Patricia Travers


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